Free Home Power

It is quite astounding how many disbelieving, cynical and corrupt people live on this planet…and that’s just your government…

There are inventions that would make our world a safer, cleaner and a cheaper place to live. People like Nikola Tesla, Bruce de Palma, Les Banki and Stan Meyers, for example, the modern developer of the water fuelled engine and many others, have been thwarted in their efforts to bring free power to the people. Some have lost their careers and worse, their lives for their alternative energy ideas and inventions.

Why? Because your government does not care about you!

Your government does not care about you, the individual or the planet. Your government and those that control energy production will do their utmost to keep you and me, the people, under control until you take matters into your own hands. Your government cares about business, money and war which all in all amounts to the same thing.

I understand if you don’t immediately believe me but take alook at this short video and then see what you think…

So, what do you think now?

You can believe this or you can believe it not but you can make your own free home power, free for life …or you can carry on paying for it…to me it makes absolutely no difference at all.

The people who it does make a difference to and who I care about are the ones who have not yet had the opportunity to even reject the ideas and inventions that have been around for decades. The alternative energy ideas that governments deny their people.

If you are concerned about the future needs of your  family, your friends and neighbors, your city, county or country and indeed the planet as a whole then I invite you to read more about how you can get free electricity for life

How? By building yourself a generator that turns magnetic energy into electricity.

The generator I made with my friend Graham is very basic and requires virtually no maintenance. It does not rely on weather to provide the power, is compact, quiet in running, simple and very inexpensive to build.

We now have one each and have been running them for 6 months or so with no problems at all. My house is an average sized 3 bedroom affair and the generator supplies all my needs. Larger houses may have to supplement their power supply in the usual fashion but will certainly see savings of 50% or more.

My son-in-law is a qualified mechanic and was very impressed particularly as he had not heard of a magnetic electricity generator before. He was immediately on the phone to his electrical engineer friend to discuss the concept. Now he has taken the idea back home and together they are constructing their own. They even have plans of turning into a business. And why not?

I am not technically minded just a reasonable handyman with everyday skills.  I am convinced that almost anyone with a basic tool kit and a little money to spare for the parts can build one of these for themselves. Of course you need to get a set of plans and this is where to go to get them and find out more about the whole concept.

I also love getting one over on the government and powers that be!


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